VINTAGE PEANUTS×Afternoon Tea Hand Cream (Cedarwood) 日本史努比 X Afternoon Tea 香氛护手霜 (雪松木) 20g


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VINTAGE PEANUTS×Afternoon Tea Hand Cream 

A hand cream with the PEANUTS friends printed on the package.
A cute design that makes you feel good just by holding it. With all 4 types, you can enjoy different scents for each character. It is a lineup that you can choose by your favorite character or by scent.

Formulated with shea butter to keep your hands moist and moisturized. Not only for yourself, but also recommended for handing out gifts.

"Woodstock" Cedarwood scent

*Made in China

日本史努比 X Afternoon Tea 香氛护手霜

包装上印有PEANUTS 角色的护手霜。
一个可爱的设计,只要拿着它就会让你感觉很好。 共有 4 种类型,您可以为每个角色享受不同的香味。 可以根据自己喜欢的角色或气味来选择。

含有乳木果油配方,让您的双手保持湿润。 不仅适合自己,也推荐用于送礼。





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