VIVI RUSH One Touch Bubble Color Brush N06 Light Brown 韩国 VIVIRUSH 发刷式泡泡染发剂 N06 浅棕色 100ml


VIVI RUSH One Touch Bubble Color Brush

Rescue your roots in between colorings. This 25 minute permanent hair color root touch up is a low ammonia color foam with built in conditioning and an aromatic scent. Vivi Rush is recommended to cover gray hair for root regrowth of less than three weeks. It's quick precision applicator makes touching up roots fast and easy and it covers 100 percent of your grays. No uneven touch-ups, just seamless, beautiful color from root to tip. Vivi Rush hair dye kit is available in a color palette ranging from Pure Black to Natural Dark Brown and Light Brown.

Touch Up Hair Color For Roots

This 15-25 minute permanent hair color kit gives beautiful, even gray coverage that lasts several weeks

How to Use 
Attach the brush applicator - Shake until mixture is completely blended - Apply where there are the most visible grays. Then color the hairline. Make sure to saturate your roots with color. Leave on for 15-30 minutes & rinse.

*Made in Korea

韩国 VIVIRUSH 发刷式泡泡染发剂

在着染发之间拯救你的发根。 这款 25 分钟永久染发根护理是一种低氨颜色泡沫,内置调理剂和芳香气味。 建议使用 Vivi Rush 覆盖白发,使根部再生时间少于三周。 它的快速精准涂抹刷可以快速、轻松地修饰发根,并且可以 100% 覆盖您的头发。 没有不均匀的修饰,只有从根部到尖端无缝、美丽的色彩。 Vivi Rush 染发剂有纯黑色、自然深棕色和浅棕色等多种颜色可供选择。



安装刷子涂抹器 - 摇动直至混合物完全混合 - 涂抹在灰色最明显的地方。 然后给发际线上色。 确保你的根部充满颜色。 等15-30分钟并冲洗。




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