VIVLAS Water/White/Luxury Prestige/Special Platinum Facial Mask 5pcs ( 范冰冰推荐 )唯兰颂茶秘面膜 美白/水润/黄金补水/铂金嫩白 5片

  • VIVLAS Vital Water Mask
  • VIVLAS Vital White Mask
  • VIVLAS Luxury Prestige Mask
  • VIVLAS Special Platinum Mask


How to use:

After washing your face, arrange skin texture with toner.

Open up pouch and put on Mask to cover every part of face.

After wearing Mask for about 15 – 20 minutes, remove it and lightly tap skin for remaining essence to be fully absorbed into skin.

  • 唯兰颂茶秘水润保湿愈颜面膜
  • 唯兰颂茶秘美白面膜
  • 唯兰颂黄金锡纸蒸汽补水面膜
  • 唯兰颂铂金锡纸蒸汽美白提亮面膜


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