Voolga Collagen Water Brightening Spray 敷尔佳 胶原蛋白水光修复喷雾 150ml


Voolga Collagen Water Brightening Spray

Repairs the bottom layers of the skin, improves acne marks, hydrates and locks moisture, tightens elasticity, soothes sensitivity, isolates irritation

Sensitive skin repair, healthy new skin

Recombinant collagen - a collagen belt similar to the human body's own type Ill collagen series synthesized by genetic recombination technology. It does not need to be decomposed and dissimilated. It can be directly absorbed by the human body, assimilated and utilized, and can directly participate in the construction of muscle base collagen.

Infused with sodium hyaluronate - by retaining skin moisture, tissue moisture loss through the epidermis, and barrier repair when the skin is damaged Intensive hydration Leaves skin without dryness Increases radiance

Ceramide - Strengthen the moisture content of the stratum corneum to maintain dual vitality

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