VOOLGA Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Acne Moisturizing Facial Mask 5 pcs 敷尔佳 医用透明质酸修复贴 白膜1.0经典款 (5片/1盒)

  • Voolga Hyaluronate Dressing Repair Facial Mask Anti-Acne Anti-Pimple Moisturizing Repairing And Soothing The Skin
  • This mask is suitable for people with mild or moderate acne, and can promote wound healing and skin repair.
  • It can improve skin moisture retention, regulate water-oil balance, build skin moisturizing system, and make skin moist, tender and smooth.
  • At the same time, it can also shrink pore and delicate skin. Each set contains 5 pcs of mask sheet.

正品敷尔佳医美用面膜5片/盒透明质酸钠修复贴玻尿酸无菌面膜皮肤过敏 ...


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