VOOLGA Recombinant Collagen Water Brightening Repair Mask 5pcs 敷尔佳 重组胶原蛋白水光修复帖 (5片/1盒)



  • Voolga Recombinant Collagen Water Repair Facial Mask Anti-Acne Anti-Pimple Moisturizing Repairing And Soothing The Skin, 1 Pack Of 5 PCS
  • This mask is suitable for people with mild or moderate acne, and can promote wound healing and skin repair. It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on reducing pigmentation and scar formation.
  • It can improve skin moisture retention, regulate water-oil balance, build skin moisturizing system, and make skin moist, tender and smooth. At the same time, it can also shrink pore and delicate skin.
  • Each set contains 5 pcs of mask sheet.

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