WELLAGE 1 DAY KIT (1ml + 15mg) [3 Types]


This Real Hyaluronic Bio Capsule & Blue Solution One Day Kit - 1pack (1ml + 15mg) includes: 

  • Real Hyaluronic Bio Capsule: 15mg
  • Blue Solution Ampoule: 1ml

  • Benefits:
  • Combines the power of freeze dried hyaluronic acid and the Blue Solution derived from 8 kinds of natural herbal extract, it dramatically improves the skin for a dewy, bright complexion.
  • Restores skin elasticity and retexturizes the skin.
  • Instantly boosts the moisture level of the skin to leave it soft and supple.

  • How to use:
    1. Prep your skin with toner after cleansing.
    2. Mix the capsule and Blue Solution until the capsule dissolves, and apply to the face.
    3. Gently pat until fully absorbed.

    Real Gold Collagen One Day Kit- 1pack (1ml + 15mg)
    A kit composed of Real Collagen Bio Capsule & the Gold Solution.
    Collagen is an essential skin composing element, the Real Collagen Bio Capsule is developed for the purpose of skin deep collagen supply.
    It contains 270,000ppm of hydrolyzed ollagen, and free from preservative.
    And the Gold Solution is an wrinkle care ampoule enriched with skin nourishing 24k gold, improving the skin vitalized and lustrous, and permeates soft and smooth into the skin.

    [1 Set]
    Real Collagen Bio Capsule 20mg
    Gold Solution 1ml


    [How to use]

    1. After cleansing, prepare your skin with toner. Take out a capsule at the serum step.

    2. Drop the Gold Solution on Real Collagen Bio Capsule.
    3. Once the capsule turns into liquid, gently apply on the skin then lightly pat to help the skin absorb.

    Real Cica Clear One Day Kit - 1pack (1ml + 15mg)

    Cica Calming Care, which relieves sensitive skin with highly concentrated Sika Hyaluronic Acid Capsules.
    High levels of Cica Hyaluronic Acid and Cica Green Complex meet, giving a powerful soothing effect to sensitive and sensitive skin.
    Contains a key ingredient of Centella Asiatica (9,000 ppm) for a powerful soothing effect.

    [How to use]
    1. After cleansing, clean the skin with toner. Open the capsules at the essence stage.
    2. Drop the desired amount of camming solution onto the capsule.
    3. Gently spread the capsules on the skin in the liquid form, tap them lightly and absorb them.

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