White Ichigo Organic-Tech Cleansing Foam 120g 日本WHITE ICHIGO 有機草莓亮白按摩卸妝洗面膏


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- Cleansing white strawberry cosmetic series.

  • Promotes blood circulation and permeating beauty ingredients. 
  • Smooth cream changes to oily condition to remove dirt and clean your face, and you can expect the skin to be transparent and moisturized.
  • The cream turns into oil, the soft capsule melts, loosens the skin, removes makeup stains, excess sebum, and darkening pores. 
  • For moist and transparent skin like after mask. 
  • "Organic X Technology" WHTE ICHIGO is a brightening care with white strawberry and arbutin. 
  • No additives (synthetic pigments, synthetic fragrances, parabens). Organic time lavender prevents rough skin.

-How to use

  • No need for double face washing. Can be used in the morning and evening. 
  • Take an appropriate amount on dry hands, put on face and gently massage. 
  • The keratin is loosened, it floats and helps the penetration of beauty ingredients. 
  • When the fingertip feels lighter, massage with wet hands and rinse with warm water.



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