Paul & Joe - Lipstick N Refill Paul & Joe 典雅瑰丽唇膏芯



Plump lips with translucency and shine using Paul & Joe’s new Lipstick N in Clear.



Refill Clear:

  • Bonbon Cerise (101) - For a perfect pink pout, this candy pink lipstick gives a subtle enhancement to the natural lip.
  • Saveur Melon (102) - This juicy melon shade blends onto lips to give a refreshing peachy tint.
  • Framboise-Mure (103) -  This sweet and sour, deep red enhances lips with a seductive, bitten effect.


For stress-free lipsticks shades for every occasion, the Paul & Joe Lipstick N in Natural is the perfect fit. Refill only. 

Refill Natural:

  • Rouge (201) - The ultimate sexy red for those fall nights out. 
  • Silk Stockings (202) - A delicate fall red for subtle beauty.
  • Petite Princess (203) - A lively princess pink
  • Camelia Fou (204) - Blooming flowers of fall
  • Lune Rousse (205) - A beige orange to compliment any outfit.
  • Muguet Rose (206) - An intimate beige pink perfect for a date night
  • Flower Vase (207) - Bright pink red to put a smile on anyone’s face
  • Poivre Rose (208) - A gorgeous and modern fuchsia pink.
  • Rose Sachet (209) - A beautiful rose pink for a walk in the park in fall. 
  • Rose d'Or (210) - A vintage pink for a more feminine look.
  • Flamant Rose (211) - A sunny fall day pink
  • Vieux Rose (212) - Elegant and cute feminine pink perfect for a lunch.
  • Fruit Rouge (213) - A ripe red berry for a night out.
  • Paris Metro (214) - Reminiscent of fall in Paris and noble pink.

The Paul & Joe Lipstick N in Full Coverage is the perfect addition to your lipstick collection, it makes for vivid color, a thick texture and long-lasting base. 

Refill Full Coverage:

  • Poisson Rouge (301) - A sensual lady red for a night out on the town.
  • Rose Chinpose (302) - A passionate pink perfect for a romantic date.
  • Oiseau Tropical (303) - This striking hyper orange adds pizzazz to any look. 
  • Bouquet d'Anemones (305) - Romantic blooming pink.
  • Le Marais (307) - A plum red to make you feel as glamorous as you look.
  • Biscuit Sucre (308) - Sweet nude pink made perfect for the everyday look.

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