Yakult Health Foods Domestic Kale Green Juice 30pcs 120g 养乐多 羽衣甘蓝青汁粉(无糖款-30包装)


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Carefully squeeze the superfood [kale] fresh and fresh on the same day, keeping the freshness of the ingredients and giving it a mild flavor that is easy to drink
A green juice that uses our unique “fresh mild manufacturing method” and makes you want to continue every day
Kale, a raw material, is cultivated by contract farmers in the Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita Prefecture, and surrounding areas without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
No fragrances, preservatives, or colorings are used to preserve the flavor of the ingredients.

Ingredient and quantity
【raw materials】
- Kale, dextrin, water-soluble dietary fiber
 [Nutrient ingredient indication]
- Per 2 bags (8g)
- Calorie: 25kcal
- Protein: 0.5g
- Lipid: 0.1g
- Carbohydrate: 6.3g
- Carbohydrate: 4.8g
- Dietary fiber: 1.5g
- Salt equivalent: 0.09 g
- Vitamin C: 14mg
- Vitamin K: 48 μg
- Folic acid: 28 μg
- Iron: 0.2mg
- Calcium: 84mg
- Potassium: 273mg
- Magnesium: 20mg
- β-carotene: 463 μg
- Polyphenol: 29mg
- Lutein: 0.8mg

Usage and dosage
 [How to eat]
- Dissolve in about 100ml of water, hot water, milk and other beverages per bag, with 2 bags per day as a guide.



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