YIYANG Foot Care Cream 一洋药业 护足防干裂霜 60g


YIYANG Foot Care Cream

  • Features shea butter and mineral oil to help keep the feet soft and moist.
  • Hydrates and soften dry, rough feet and heels.
  • Contains aloe vera leaf and licorice root extracts

How to Use

After cleaning and drying the foot,  apply an approprate amount and gently massage it into the skin. 


韩国一洋护足霜脚裂膏脚后跟干裂防裂润足裂膏防皲裂护脚- 亚米韩国一洋护足霜脚裂膏脚后跟干裂防裂润足裂膏防皲裂护脚- 亚米韩国一洋护足霜脚裂膏脚后跟干裂防裂润足裂膏防皲裂护脚- 亚米


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