YNM Honey Lip Holiday Collection Set 韩国YNM 蜂蜜润唇膏节日套装


YNM Honey Lip Holiday Collection Set

Honey Lip Holiday Collection where you can experience all of YNM's special lip care honey lip balm series. It moisturizes and smoothens dry, chapped lips and adheres
closely to the lips without stickiness. Besides 4 lip balms, it also includes a cotton candy hair clip that's cute and can neatly fix your hairstyle.

Set Includes:

  1. Rainbow
  2. Light Pink
  3. Orange Red
  4. Natural Melting
  5. Cotton Candy Hair Clip
韩国YNM 蜂蜜润唇膏节日套装

蜂蜜唇膏节日系列,可以让你体验YNM 所有特殊唇部护理蜂蜜润唇膏系列。唇膏滋润和抚平干燥、干裂的嘴唇并粘附紧密贴合双唇,无粘腻感。 除了4支润唇膏外,还附赠了一个可爱的棉花糖发夹,可以巧妙地固定你的发型。


  • 彩虹
  • 浅粉色
  • 橙红色
  • 自然融化
  • 棉花糖发夹

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