YOLU Calm Night Repair Treatment 日本YOLU 静夜修护护发素 475g


YOLU Calm Night Repair Treatment

Damage risk is not only during the day, but also at night. Intensive night care for hair and skin for moist and lustrous hair. A nightcap formulation that protects hair from friction and dry damage while sleeping, and contains serum ingredients that moisturize the skin. 

Friction against bedclothes may lead to dryness and roughness in your hair. Experience a satisfying result after you wake up the next morning by using this hair treatment.

Its rich formulation of ceramide allows you to moisturize your hair from the inside while the extract made from nemunoki (pink silk or mimosa) tree improves the condition of your scalp.

It is free of coloring agents, paraben, and mineral oils.

Neroli and peony scent.

*Made in Japan

日本YOLU 静夜修护护发素

发质伤害不仅在白天,而且在夜间。 对头发和皮肤进行密集的夜间护理,使头发湿润有光泽。 睡帽配方,可在睡眠时保护头发免受摩擦和干燥损伤,并含有滋润皮肤的精华成分。

床上用品的摩擦可能会导致头发干燥和粗糙。 第二天早上醒来后,使用这款护发素可体验令人满意的效果。

其丰富的神经酰胺配方可让您从内部滋润头发,而由 nemunoki(粉红色丝绸或含羞草)树制成的提取物可改善头皮状况。





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