Shinya Koso

Yoru Osoi Metabolic Support Premium Kiwami BLACK 30days 新谷酵素 黑金版夜间活性酵素 30日份


DIETARY SUPPORT: Metabolic Support Premium Yoru Osoi Gohan demo KIWAMI BLACK 


No.1 enzyme amount in the late night rice series!

  • A living enzyme 720㎎ 
  • Gluten-free
  • Original enzyme newly developed by Shintani Enzyme
  • And seven types of support ingredients! 


A living enzyme that uses all natural ingredients

The late night rice paste series uses the real active enzyme “Shinya Enzyme”. Among them, the enzyme of "late night rice potato" is produced by the [Koji mold biofermentation activity method] ]. A living enzyme that uses all natural materials.


Recommended for these people

Work is busy and life is irregular, worried about meals, often eat snacks, have many occasions for banquets, want to be a beautiful body, does not keep exercising as long as possible, and want to avoid strict meal management. 


Specifications / How to drink

Rice bran powder-containing food
Internal capacity
45g (250mg x 6 tablets) x 30 packets
Intake standard
1-3 packets a day (6-18 capsules)
Nutritional information 6 tablets (per 1.5g)
● Energy / 5.835kcal ● Protein / 0.201g ● Lipid / 0.060g ● Carbohydrate / 1.124g ● Salt equivalent / 0.00165g
Enzyme amount 720mg
● Koji mold culture extract / 250mg ● Koji mold culture side grain extract powder / 80mgOther / 390mg
How to eat
As a health supplement, take 1-3 capsules (6-18 capsules) daily with water or lukewarm water.



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