OSK Mofusand Cool Drink Pitcher with Handle 日本OSK Mofusand鲨鱼猫冷水壶 1.2L


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OSK Mofusand Cool Drink Pitcher with Handle

Mofusand, the cute and adorable cat, is sure to make you happy when you look at it!
A cold water bottle that can be used vertically or horizontally!
Easy-to-clean wide-mouth construction and non-slip and anti-stick treatment keep it clean all the time!

  • Wide handle for a secure grip
  • There is also a handle on the top of the lid, making it easy to put in and take out of the door pocket♪
  • Strong lock that closes tightly
  • Stable structure, wide base, won't tip over
  • Can be placed horizontally in the refrigerator!
  • Do not add hot drinks
  • Do not use dishwasher or dryer

Dimensions: 144mm x 96mm x H242mm
Capacity: 1.2L
Material/components: Main body/bottom cover: AS resin (heat-resistant Temperature: 100℃, cold-resistant) temperature: -30℃)
Lid: polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature: 140℃, cold-resistant temperature: -30℃)
Filling: silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature: 140℃, cold-resistant Temperature: -30℃)

*Made in Japan

日本OSK Mofusand鲨鱼猫冷水壶


  • 可牢固握持的宽把手
  • 盖子顶部也有把手,可轻松放入门袋或从门袋中取出♪
  • 坚固的锁,可紧密关闭
  • 结构稳定,宽底座,不会翻倒
  • 可以水平放置在冰箱中!
  • 请勿放入热饮
  • 请勿使用洗碗机或烘干机

尺寸:144mm x 96mm x H242mm
材质/部件:主体/底盖:AS 树脂(耐热温度:100℃、耐寒)温度:-30℃)




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