Anna Sui Clearing Oil [Huile Demaquillante] 200ml 安娜苏2020新款 植萃温和卸妆油 200毫升


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Anna Sui's new cleansing oil, Clear Oil dramatically removes makeup and impurities. 

A new, innovative formula expertly crafted in Japan using plant extract. 

  • A velvety-smooth-textured cleansing oil that uses a new surfactant we developed for the first time, with glycerin at its core. The moisturizing ingredients keep skin velvety smooth after rinsed off, and leave skin moderately moisturized. The mixture of various spreadable oil have been combined in the perfect ratios to ensure a smooth, easy-to-spread texture.
  • A blend of skin-affinitive oil and oil with smaller molecules separate makeup and impurities without irritating skin.
  • The new surfactant has an excellent capacity to hold water and consequently soaks up and removes makeup well even when used with wet hands. 

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Tea Seed Oil - emollient

Directions for Use

  • Take adequate amount onto palm and blend well with makeup and impurities. 
  • Rinse well with cold or warm water.






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