BCL Browlash EX Ultra Skinny Pencil Brow (02 Natural Brown) 日本BCL EX自然极细眉笔 (02 自然棕)


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BCL Browlash EX Ultra Skinny Pencil Brow

An ultra-fine 0.9mm eyebrow pencil that allows you to draw delicate and realistic eyebrow like your real eyerbrow.

 A multi-proof formulation that is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum. Comes with a micro brush that is soft and slim on the skin. Blur the eyebrow line drawn with a pencil for a natural finish.

Contains beauty ingredient such as panthenol for moisturizing performance.

How to use

Pull the core out about 1mm and draw each brow like your own, lightly touching the part you want to add. You can also delicately draw the lines of the outer corners of your eyes. 

*Made in Japan


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