BCL TSURURI Pore Peeling Morocco Ghassoul Andes Salt Scrub Charcoal Powder 日本BCL 吸附角栓去角质黑头保湿凝胶 55g

Tsururi Black Head Peeling Ghassoul works by permeating pores and extracting impurities. Moroccan ghassoul, salt and charcoal scrub. Rids skin of top dead layer that causes skin to be rough and dull and reveals smooth supple skin. Removes dirt and impurities from the depth of pores to allow maximum absorption of beauty lotions and serums. Using before morning facial cleansing will allow smooth application of makeup. Morrocan ghassoul clay is the effective ingredient in the permeation of pores to reach impurities, Dirt permeating ingredient: Moroccan ghassoul clay Particle activating carbon and keratin care ingredient: Andes salt Top skin layer softening ingredient: Grapefruit extract Be amazed by the amount of dead cells and impurities that will roll off your face. Because this is formulated as a paste, it is easy to apply and you will not need to apply much pressure to gently rub off the dead skin layer. Formulated with the following ingredients for soft smooth skin: Moisturizer: Hyaluronic acid Na, Rosemary leaf extract Skin tightener: Witch hazel leaf extract, Mint leaf extract The sweet and tart fragrance of citrus.

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