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Elis BARE SKIN FEELING Sanitary Napkins W/wing (Especially Heavy Daytime) 27cm 16Pcs 怡丽 纯净裸肌极缎棉轻柔卫生棉 多量日用小翅膀 27cm 16片


Elis BARE SKIN FEELING Sanitary Napkins W/wing (Especially Heavy Daytime) 27cm

Elris bare skin texture is renewed even more gently!

Protect your skin from rubbing with a new Urusara sheet

Adopts a gentle sheet against the skin that reduces friction with the skin 
Urusara Sheet is the first in Japan to contain moisturizing ingredients.
It is soft against the skin.

Smooth feeling continues even after absorption

It absorbs menstrual blood quickly and does not feel sticky because it does not touch the skin.
It absorbs menstrual blood instantly, so you don't have to worry about leaks.

Breathable back sheet adoption

Uses a breathable back sheet to reduce stuffiness that causes skin problems.

A unique shape that focuses on gentleness to the skin

[Namigata] A unique shape that is resistant to rubbing

By cutting the excess four corners that touch the skin, rubbing against the skin is reduced.

[Hanenaga] Easy to put on and does not slip easily

The long wings make it easy to stop.
The left and right wings are easy to stack and stop, so it is firmly fixed and does not slip easily.

[Clear Width] Hard to get twisted even when moving

With its own width, it realizes a design that does not get twisted even when it moves.

Material that is gentle even around the foot

Uses gathers that reduce friction on the skin , making it gentle on the skin, even around the legs.

怡丽 纯净裸肌极缎棉轻柔卫生棉 日用无翅 多量日用小翅膀 27cm

Elris 肌肤纹理更温和地焕然一新!

使用新的 Urusara 棉保护您的皮肤免受摩擦
Urusara 是日本首创含保湿成分的棉。



[Namigata] 耐摩擦的独特形状

[Hanenaga] 易穿不易滑落

[清除宽度] 移动时也不易扭曲



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