Fancl 芳坷

Fancl Sensitive Skin Care Cream 芳珂 舒缓滋润乳 18g


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In skin barrier components of the two of ceramide functional ingredients and high loading, the skin surface gently wraps, it supports the barrier function, protects the skin from drying and irritation. It does not feel sticky.

After unopened / year within the opening / 60 days within the preservative, fragrance, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers do not use at all.  

「FANCL Doctor护肤系列」由皮肤科医生监督研制,经临床测试,专业呵护干燥敏感及曾患湿疹肌肤,持续使用,提升防御、高补湿、抗干燥痕痒。



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