Kabaya Ramune Candy 卡巴也 綜合彈珠汽水糖 45g [EXP. 12/23]


Kabaya Ramune Candy

A small ramune candy with a limited-time design and limited flavor that makes you feel the change of seasons and feel refreshed.

  • You can enjoy 3 flavors of grape flavor, cider flavor, and limited-time yuzu flavor with a crunchy texture that contains candy chips. 
  • The packaging is designed in a Japanese style that changes with the seasons to give you a sense of the season.


Sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, starch/acidulant, emulsifier, flavoring (derived from milk), coloring (anthocyanin, gardenia, carotenoid)

*Made in Japan

卡巴也 綜合彈珠汽水糖


  • 您可以享用葡萄味、气水味和限时柚子味3种口味,口感松脆,内含糖果片。
  • 包装采用随季节变化的日式风格设计,让您感受季节感。





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