Laundrin' Laundry Softener (Sakura Cherry Blossom) 朗德林 洗衣护理柔软剂 (樱花香氛) 600ml


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Laundrin' Laundry Softener (Sakura Cherry Blossom)

Landrin is a fabric softener that is designed not only for its fragrance but also for its soft texture and smoothness.
It is OK to dry indoors as it suppresses unpleasant odors caused by the growth of bacteria.

A Sakura Cherry Blossom scent with a soft scent of fresh cherries and soft musk.

TOP: Cassis / Peach / Green Tea
MIDDLE: Sakura / Freesia / Muguet / Cherry
LAST: Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Amber / Musk

How to Use

For fully automatic washing machines
Put this product into the automatic fabric softener dispenser and wash.

Two-tank washing machine/hand washing
When the rinse water is clean, add this product and let it run for about 3 minutes, or let it soak, then dehydrate it.

朗德林 洗衣护理柔软剂 (樱花香氛)

Landrin 是一种织物柔软剂,不仅因其香味而设计,还因其柔软的质地和光滑度而设计。


前调: 水蜜桃, 黑加仑子, 绿茶
中调: 樱花, 樱桃, 小苍兰, 铃兰
后调: 麝香, 檀香, 雪松, 龙涎香





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