LITS Moist Moist Lotion 凛希 植物干细胞保湿化妆水 190ml


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LITS Moist Moist Lotion

Super moisturizing lotion, suitable for mixing oily and oily skin

Effectively tighten the skin and make the skin elastic. It is exquisitely made from a variety of plant ingredients and has the effects of moisturizing.

During aging process, the number of stem cells in the human body will become less and less, which will cause the decline of its own cell repair ability and lead to various aging phenomena.

"Stem Cells" is a supplier that manufactures these cells of different sizes. The unique work of stem cells is that they have both differentiation and replication functions. When stem cells divide, they will simultaneously produce more stem cells and other types of cells. Take the example of skin aging. As we age, the stem cells in the skin will decrease drastically as we get older, resulting in wrinkles, spots, and collagen loss!

In addition, modern people's diet is unbalanced, life is reversed, and the external environment is dirty and ultraviolet rays are attacked. These will over-stimulate our young and healthy skin and accelerate the aging of our skin


凛希 植物干细胞保湿化妆水

超保湿化妆水,适合混合偏油及油皮使用 有效紧致肌肤,使肌肤弹力十足。采用多种植物成分精致而成,具有保湿补水滋润等效果。 随着年龄的增长,人体内的干细胞数量会越来越少,进而造成自身的细胞修复能力下滑,导致各种老化的现象产生。 『干细胞』就是制造这些大大小小不同细胞的供应商。干细胞独特的工作在于它同时具有分化与复制的功能,当干细胞分裂时,它会同时制造更多的干细胞与其他种类的细胞。 以皮肤老化的例子来说,随着年龄的增长,皮肤里的干细胞会随着年纪的增加而大幅减少,进而产生皱纹、斑点及胶原蛋白流失等的问题! 再加上现代人饮食不均衡、生活作息颠倒、外在环境脏污与紫外线的侵袭等。这些都会过度刺激我们年轻健康的肌肤,也加速了我们肌肤的衰老问题


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