LITS Moist Moist Milk Essence 凛希 植物干细胞保湿美容液乳液 100ml


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LITS Moist Moist Milk Essence

Beauty serum + Milk

A 2 in 1 beauty essence + milk lotion that is fluffy and moisturized with plant stem cell-derived ingredients, ceramide, and collagen to make skin soft and moisturized. Free fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, parabens, and alcohol.


After cleansing and toning your face, dispense an appropriate amount of the product into your hand and gently smooth it over your face. Use in the morning and evening. 


凛希 植物干细胞保湿美容液乳液


含有植物干细胞成分、神经酰胺、胶原蛋白,蓬松滋润的美容液+乳液二合一,使肌肤柔软滋润。 不含香料、色素、矿物油、对羟基苯甲酸酯和酒精。


洁面及爽肤后,取适量产品于手心,轻轻涂抹于脸部。 早晚使用。


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