LUX Super Rich Shine Sakura Hair Oil 力士 樱花柔顺滋润护发油 75ml


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LUX Super Rich Shine Sakura Hair Oil

    • From the Lux Super Rich Shine series, Sakura exclusive design.
    • A cherry fragrance (fragrance formula) that spreads fluffily with each touch, making it a much better fragrance in the bath.
    • Tenderizer Repair Serum x Dense Repair Ingredients Formulated Formula
    • 3 types of special care for hair with spring! For those who are particularly concerned about "spring spasa", a limited amount of treatment (tube), hair oil, and hair cream for special care.
    • For soft spring hair The moisturizing ingredients stay on the hair for a long time, and the hair is soft to the ends.

    How to use
    Can be used for both dry and towel dried hair. Stretches 1 to 2 pushes in your palm of your hand and warm it up and blend the hair to about half the length of your hair

    *Made in Japan

      力士 樱花柔顺滋润护发油

        • 来自力士Super Rich Shine系列,樱花独家设计。
        • 每次接触都会散发出蓬松的樱桃香味(香味配方),使其在沐浴时散发出更好的香味。
        • 嫩肤修复精华 x 致密修复成分配方
        • 春天3种秀发特别护理! 对于特别在意“春季SPA”的人,有限量的护理(管)、发油、发霜进行特别护理。
        • 适合春天柔软的头发 保湿成分长时间留在头发上,头发柔软到发尾。

        可用于干发和毛巾擦干的头发。 在手掌中拉伸 1 至 2 次并加热,然后将头发混合至大约头发长度的一半



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