Yamamoto Kanpo Herbal Fat Flow Diet Tea 日本山本汉方制药 脂流茶

  • Mixed Herbal Tea (FAT FLOW) is blended from 11 kinds of teas such as Du zhong leaf and Pu'er tea. This tea is good for those who are concerned with body fat levels. It has a tasty flavor and is easy to drink.
  • 健康减脂茶叶配方
  • 有效帮助减脂减重
  • 饭后饮用带走油腻

How to make

Put one tea bag into a cup.

Add 700-900ml (23.7-30.4 fl oz) of water or boiled water.

Steep for 5 minutes or more with low heat.

* Please adjust the amount of water to your liking. 
* Enjoy this tea anytime you want.


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