paul & joe Herbal Lotion Lotion Aux Plantes 200ml 橄榄草本保湿乳液



Go on a vacance like the Parisiennes do with Paul & Joe Herbal Lotion. The lotion boasts a host of botanicals from the Mediterranean region, including olive oil from ancient olive trees, olive leaf essence 1, and organic fennel essence 2, a plant indigenous to the Mediterranean coast. After refreshing the face with Paul & Joe Oil, apply the lotion to complete the two-step process for ultimate hydration. The end result is a youthful, vibrant, and supple complexion that is soft and firm from within, not just on the surface. By using fine emulsion, the lotion delivers tangible hydrating benefits to the skin leaving it firm, lustrous and beautiful. The dewy, rich base spreads thoroughly and extensively to more fully penetrate the skin replenishing it with rich moisture for a healthy complexion. The plant derived emulsifier has a great affinity for The Oil and becomes one to create a pleasant velvety, dewy film that makes skin soft and retains moisture from within to keep skin hydrated. After washing the face, take a quarter sized amount of the oil onto a cotton pad and apply it to the face by softly gliding the pad in one direction. Then, take a quarter sized amount of Herbal Lotion onto a cotton pad and apply the lotion over the entire face by pressing it into the skin.



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