SENSOJI TEMPLE Apotropaic Omamori 浅草寺御守 厄除御守


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SENSOJI TEMPLE Apotropaic Omamori 

Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and a famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo marked by Kaminarimon. Going to Sensoji Temple to ask for a lottery and buy an imperial guard has become a major tourist attraction in Japan. Everyone uses it as a gift for relatives and friends to express their wishes, or to place hope, relieve pressure before exams or competitions, and so on. Omamori can be worn on clothes, hung in the car, or tied to or placed in a bag, and the various forms vary from person to person. The amulet of the famous shrine is designed with a dragon, which is derived from the name of the mountain, Jinlong Mountain.

Length: 5cm high (not including the strap part)

*Made in Japan 

浅草寺御守 厄除御守





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