Dr. Arrivo 宙斯

Artistic&CO Beaute PE Golden Beauty The Serum 40ml 日本宙斯美容仪 PE黄金高保湿美容液精华



  • Focus on firm skin.
  • A highly concentrated serum that leads to tight skin.
  • It can also be used as part of everyday skin care.

■ A lot of three beauty ingredients as intended

  • Skin tension and texture that is lost over time. Find the necessary elements to make your skin beautiful and condition your age skin.
■ 1. Fullerene
  • Nobel Prize winning ingredient. Combining two fullerenes to prevent rough skin due to external troubles, it leads slowly and steadily to healthy skin.
■ 2. 5GF
  • The selected 5GF (Gross Factor) delivers beauty ingredients to the stratum corneum of the skin, giving it the power to stay moist.
■ 3. Fermented beauty ingredients
  • By fermenting raw materials, we draw the power of natural materials and lead to moisture.
■ Nine safe prescriptions
  • Synthetic flavoring-free, synthetic coloring-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, oil-free, mineral-free, petroleum-based surfactant-free, synthetic antioxidant-free, ultraviolet absorber-free
■ [Dr. Arrivo The Zeus] and as a special serum for Arrivo series: Use facial (half face) 5-6 push as a guide.







■『Dr.Arrivo The Zeus』を始めArrivoシリーズの専用美容液として:フェイシャル(半顔)5〜6プッシュを目安にご使用ください。


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