E-Standard 伊势丹

E-standard Medulla Nutrition Treatment 600ml 伊势丹 髓质修护护发素


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E-standard Medulla Nutrition Treatment 

Over 95% of this treatment is comprised of beauty essences. Rich ingredients permeate into the hair, repairing the hair from the core to the outside. The inner permeation type treatment directly charges the moisture and nutrients.

The concentrated repair effects will rebuild hair, repairing damage that has reached the hair’s core. Perms and colors last longer, creating bouncy, glossy hair.

伊势丹 髓质修护护发素


集中修复效果能到达发芯,帮助修复任何头发损伤。 使染发后颜色持续时间更长,创造出富有弹性光泽的秀发。


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