Hacci 1912 Royal Jelly with Q10 120capsules 日本Hacci蜂皇浆Q10辅酶胶囊 120粒/瓶


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Product Feature:

  1. 800 mg of high quality royal jelly - Royal jelly has been prized since ancient times as an elixir of immortality and longevity, also known as "royal milk". The lifespan of a queen bee, which continues to lay about 3,000 eggs a day, is 40 times longer than that of a worker bee. The secret of the extraordinary power given only to the queen bee is that she eats "royal jelly" secreted only by young worker bees. Royal jelly is a natural power cosmetology food that is rich in the nutritional components necessary to make the human body, such as high-quality amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. High-quality royal jelly in capsules that are easy to swallowRaw - royal jelly was freeze-dried as it was and encapsulated without destroying its excellent nutritional value. It also contains decenoic acid peculiar to royal jelly and parotins.
  3. Review your daily lifestyle and live a healthy and firm life - Fatigue is a great enemy of health and beauty. It is also effective to supplement the nutrition required for the body with supplements along with the diet. Incorporate supplements well to support your daily diet. Review your lifestyle and aim to build a body that will release the tiredness.




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