&HONEY Melty Moist Repair Oil 100ml 日本&Honey 玫瑰蜂蜜柔润保湿修护发油


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&HONEY Melty Moist Repair Oil

New series from &honey, Melty series are those who desire a more controlled, *straighter hair.
   *Hair is more flexible and less prone to unwanted waves, curls.

Hair shows unwanted curling when the hydrogen bonds are broken. &honey Melty series' moisture sustaining mechanism works to balance the hydration level for hair that is more controlled.

&honey's concept lies on providing an ultimate moisture replenishment by focusing on hair's moisture level and hydration balance. With a 10-12% moisture level, &honey boasts a 14% moisture level creating a whole new level of hydration, and more importantly sustaining this moisture. As a result, over 90% of ingredients are deep hydrating and replenishing ingredients such as honey, Argan oil, hyaluronic acid and more. Argan oil which is of the key ingredients of &honey are 100% organic certified Moroccan oil.

  • Argan oil, honey, royal jelly, propolis, golden silk, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed silk and more for moisture replenishment
  • Made with 3 types of honey; 60% Manuka from New Zealand, 20% Rose honey from Bulgaria and 20% Raw honey from Japan
  • Formulated with 100% organic Moroccan oil
  • Adds shine, moisture and keeps hair manageable with curl controlling ingredients
  • Free from sulfate, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, paraben, additives & animal testing
  • Fragrance of Shower Rose Honey from Bulgaria


日本&Honey 玫瑰蜂蜜柔润保湿修护发油

&honey Melty系列,主打保湿,锁住秀发中的水分,让秀发看起来更加盈亮,具有健康光泽。蕴含独有的蜂蜜精华,对于受损发质有魔力修护的功效。精致黄金蜂蜜配比,深入发芯,高倍锁水,提升秀发锁水力,增加秀发光泽度。90%以上的保湿成分,让秀发柔润顺滑,告别干枯分叉。玫瑰蜂蜜香气,散发迷人味道。



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