House of Rose

HOUSE OF ROSE Oh! Baby Body Smoother 玫瑰屋 Oh! Baby 身体去角质磨砂膏 570g


-It was ranked #1 in 2011 Best Cosmo Awards Soap and body wash premium Division. It ranked #2 for Best Seller in 2011 and  #2 in Best Cosmo Awards body care & cleaning free category for 2012.

-Oh! Baby is suitable for all ages and contains no artificial fragrances or colorings

With the perfect balance of large to fine scrubbing beads, this body smoother is formulated to soften at body temperature. With only light massaging action, the scrubbing beads gently dissolve, leaving you with smooth, soft skin. Reformulated to contain naturally alkaline spring water, this scrub gently removes old, dead skin cells.

How to use:

-After rinsing your body with water, just take some Oh! Baby  and massage it all over your body.

-Pay more attention to knees, elbows and shoulders as these areas are more prone to skin roughness.  

-It is a lot gentler to sensitive skin than most body scrubs which tend to use salt or sugar grains.

-It’s super easy to wash off as it’s not oily or gooey.

-Use it daily and watch your skin become softer, smoother and your body will absorb moisturizers more readily.


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