Kanebo 嘉娜宝

Kanebo Dew Superior Parts Milk Mask Concentrate 6ml (2pcs x 12set) 集中弹力保湿眼膜


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  • Guide to skin firmness and elasticity with a dense moist, plump, for eyes and mouth sheet mask.
  • Three-layer pulp and rayon 100% natural vegetable fiber sheet structure.
  • High adhesion with the softness of the skin structure.
  • Infused with precious ingredients such as eucalyptus extract and collagen, the creamy essence in the eye mask penetrates strongly into every corner of the stratum corneum, making the skin more hydrated and firm, once or twice a week, smooth and moisturized. Elastic beauty.
  • 2 sheet mask x 12 set = 24 PCS of mask in one box/order

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