Kao 花王

Kao Blaune Natural Bubble Hair Dye (1NS Beige Brown) 花王 白发专用 自然系列泡泡染发剂 (1NS 米灰棕色) 108ml

Kao Blaune Natural Bubble Hair Dye
Foaming hair color for gray coverage. Easy application just by massaging your hair. The super-penetrating foam smoothly penetrates to the roots and dyes hair evenly, including the back of the head and inner layers of hair! A finish with a moisturized feel—fingers run smoothly through hair. Contains moisturizing ingredient (Royal jelly extract) and hair protecting ingredients (Seaweed extract, Soft lanolate) (Quasi-drug) . Foam that reaches the roots of hair strands more easily. Comes with a rinse-off treatment for long-lasting smoothness and repairs delicate hair after coloring. 

Semi-long hair (length from shoulder to armpit)= 1 Box
  1. Add Solution 1 to Solution 2 and mix.
  2. Squeeze the bottle and dispense the foam.
  3. Apply a generous amount of foam to entire head.To avoid tangles of hair, gently massage with your fingers.
  4. After leaving on hair for 20 minutes, rinse the product off and shampoo your hair. Complete with the rinse-off treatment that comes with the product.
Pay close attention not to let the foam (mixed solution), or the rinsing water get into your eyes.

    *Made in Japan


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