LORETTA Night Care Cream 日本LORETTA 洛丽塔 夜间免洗护发霜 120g


LORETTA Night Care Cream

Loretta Night Care Cream, the texture is milky but not greasy! Just the right amount of hydration, no discomfort at all when you fall asleep, and you will find a different feel when you wake up. No frizz, no knots, soft and dry hair, and start your day beautifully!

  • No need to wash after use
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Refuse to tie the knot!

How to Use

  1. After washing your hair, wipe it with a towel until it is half dry.
  2. According to the length and volume of hair, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, apply it to the hair (focus on the ends of the hair), and wait for the paste to penetrate.
  3. After blow-drying, the hair will be soft and smooth, with rose fragrance (no need to wash, just sleep!)

*Made in Japan

日本LORETTA 洛丽塔 夜间免洗护发膜

洛丽塔 夜间免洗护发膜,质地乳状但不油腻! 适量补水,入睡时完全没有不适感,醒来后会有不一样的感觉。 没有毛躁,没有打结,柔软干燥的头发,美好的一天开始!

  • 使用后无需清洗
  • 修复受损发质
  • 拒绝打结!


  1. 洗完头发后,用毛巾擦拭至半干。
  2. 根据头发的长度和体积,取适量于掌心,涂抹在头发上(重点放在发尾),等待膏体渗透。
  3. 吹干后头发会柔软顺滑,有玫瑰香味(不用洗,睡觉!)



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