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Medi Jewelry Vfit Contour Band 韩国医美Medi Jewelry小脸紧塑束带


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Medi Jewelry Vfit Contour Band

  • Small face firming care
    • Covers the entire face from chin, neck to crown of head
  • Perfect coverage
    • The length can be freely adjusted according to the size of the face without squeezing the ears
  • Polyester fabric
    • High elastic material covers the face line
  • Permanent Use
    • Machine washable/Can be used forever

How to Use 

  1. After cleansing, perform basic maintenance procedures.
  2. Next, align the middle of the belt with the chin and put it on, pass the ears through the gaps on both sides and stick the belt.
  3. Take it off after 30~40 minutes of use.


Q. How to keep the tight straps?

You can use a wet paper towel to wipe, or machine wash

Q. Will the chin be injured if the compression strap is too tight?

If the tight strap is too tight, it is recommended to adjust the length of the paste according to your own comfort

*Made in Korea

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