MSH Love Liner Liquid (Dark Brown) 日本MSH Love Liner极细眼线液笔 (深棕色) 0.55ml


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MSH Love Liner Liquid (Dark Brown) 

With the perfect balance of softness and firmness for the eyelids, it has achieved the best drawing comfort in the history of Love Liner.
A total of 10 types of beauty ingredients, including beauty ingredients for eyelash care, lead to beautiful eyes every time you apply makeup.
Resistant to water, sweat and tears, easy to remove with lukewarm water.

Dark Brown: An invincible color that fulfills your desire for beauty and cuteness.

日本MSH Love Liner极细眼线液笔 (深棕色)

凭借眼皮柔软与紧致的完美平衡,实现了 Love Liner 历史上最佳的绘画舒适度。



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