Neck & Deco Quattro Stretching Neck Cream 50g 日本院线Neck & Deco 颈部精华修护霜 50g


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Product feature:

Neck & Deco Quattro Stretching Cream is a full-fledged neck and décolleté treatment cream
developed to treat age-prone wrinkles caused by sagging around the neck .

The latest neck treatment cream that approaches wrinkles around the neck. Water-soluble proteoglycan with a water retention capacity equivalent to hyaluronic acid, which has excellent water retention capacity, and Argireline, which is known as a "botox to apply" with a reputation as a wrinkle care ingredient.
In addition, it contains Progeline, a groundbreaking ingredient that won the Grand Prize for Technology Innovation at the 2012 Cosmetic Ingredients Exhibition “IN COSMETICS” in Barcelona.

It enhances the water retention capacity of the surface of the skin, brings plumpness from the deep layers of the skin, and leads to a beautiful and well-textured neck.

How to use:

At night, after preparing your skin with lotion, take about 2 pearl grains (from the first joint of your little finger to the tip) and spread it over the entire face, front and back of the neck and let it absorb. . In the morning, apply an appropriate amount, focusing on areas of concern.

* If you use it on dry skin, you may feel redness on your skin. Please use after preparing your skin with lotion.

* If you feel any abnormality on your skin, please stop using it.

In order to enhance the effect of the cream, it is recommended to use it in combination with a simple massage.


Neck & Deco Quattro 拉伸霜是一款成熟的頸部和肩部護理霜

撫平頸部皺紋的最新款頸部護理霜。 保水能力與保水能力優異的透明質酸和作為皺紋護理成分享有盛譽的“塗抹型保妥適”Argireline相當的水溶性蛋白聚醣。
此外,它還含有 Progeline,這是一種突破性的成分,在 2012 年巴塞羅那化妝品成分展“IN COSMETICS”中獲得技術創新大獎。



晚上,用乳液做好肌膚準備後,取約2顆珍珠粒(從小指第一節到指尖)均勻塗抹於全臉、頸部前後,讓其吸收。 . 早上,取適量塗抹在需要注意的部位。

* 如果您在乾燥的皮膚上使用它,您可能會感到皮膚發紅。 請用化妝水潤膚後使用。

* 如果您感覺皮膚有任何異常,請停止使用。



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