Ora2 Premium Cleansing Toothpaste 17g 日本Ora2 Premium集中美白牙膏

  • Concentrated whitening teeth once a week.
  • Clear deep cleansing up to stubborn stain (colored dirt) and odor.
  • Ora2 the highest concentration of stain removal component (cleaning agent) formulated in toast.
  • Prevent the deposition of tartar taking tooth whitening teeth.
  • Deep cleansing by intensively dropping stubborn stain and tooth dirt that is difficult to drop with ordinary toothpaste.
  • Premium mint flavor full of freshness.
  • More white and shiny teeth brush teeth.
  • Reward care once a week.
  • Mild, easy-to-polish mild use.
  • With the stain control ingredient, suppress adhesion of the stain, keep the original whiteness of the teeth.


How to use:

  • Apply an appropriate amount (pearl grain size) to the toothbrush, polish it so that it usually toothbrush, then rinse with water.
  • Particularly for stain (colored dirt), you can use it for a partial polish.
  • This product is a toothpaste with high cleaning effect to remove stain of teeth.
  • Recommend using around once a week.

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