Paul & Joe - Lipstick CS Rouge #125 Parisian Market Lipstick refill only 3.5g 日本Paul & Joe秋季限定色彩 口红芯 #125 复古棕色


Product Feature:

A limited-edition autumn lip that colors your lips vividly and freshly. The three colors are inspired by the excitement of searching for your own treasure at the Parisian Market (Parisian flea market) that you visit on the weekend.

The oil-infused base envelops your lips with a melt-in-your-mouth feel as if you were applying a serum, and coats them with a moisturizing film. Gives your lips a vivid color and a fresh, glossy finish.

The color does not peel off even when the lip surface is rubbed, and the fresh moisture and freshly applied beauty continue.

*Antique brown that 125 comes across unexpectedly

Insert it into the dedicated case and push it in until it clicks. Remove the cover and then close the cap.





名为Parisian Market的#125是一款复古棕色调色系口红。



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