Pinky Queen

Pinky Queen Top Pack 40G 乳晕专用漂白嫩红素


Hide those tell-tale signs on your chest that can ruin your appearance with this Pinky Queen Top Pack. Removes the wrinkles, darkening and roughness of the nipples. Instantly tints skin pink for a decent, natural and tint of baby-like color. Contains various moisturizer such as Placenta extract, enabling a longer lasting effect. Made with a composite of multiple cosmetic ingredients, including water, polyvinyl alcohol, Sophora flavescens extract, placenta and more, women can add a discreet amount of the flesh-colored pack to their body to combat dark spots or uneven patches on their busts and nipples.

If you worry about the color of your nipples and breasts, and want to make them lighter and more in tune with the rest of your body, just try applying this powder and notice the results.  Just wait for the pack to dry and then take off. It also comes with a faint fragrance of rose, making this a very pleasant cosmetic tool indeed.

  • Stop using immediately if there are rashes, itches or other reactions with your skin
  • Apply a light pack layer only. If applied too thickly, it will take too long to dry
  • Made in Japan

★解除女性的煩惱,去除乳頭,腋下,腿根,私密部位, 嘴唇的色素沉著, 全身任何部位都可使用,敏感皮膚也可放心使用。

成份: ★水、DPG、聚乙烯醇、乙醇、二氧化鈦、纖維素膠、羥基乙酸、甘油、複方甘草酸苷酸2K、胎盤提取物、透明質酸鈉、葛根根提取物、大豆提取物、石榴提取物、克拉拉根提取物、茶葉提取物、白桑根樹皮提取物、紅花花提取物、諾瓦拉油、羥丙基纖維素、BG、1.2-己二醇、苯氧基乙醇、紅色218

使用方法: ★建議早晚各一次,潔膚後,取適量塗在乳暈上,待10-20分鐘至乾透,把薄膜輕輕撕掉即可。

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