POLA B.A Serum Cushion Foundation #P2 Medoum pink / Refill Only 12g 日本pola宝丽黑BA三合一气垫 替换装 12g


Product Feature:

A refreshing and light texture, with a glowing finish featuring hydrated resilience full of vitality.

A cushion foundation developed with the idea of ​​“portable BA skin care” that gives a uniform, smooth, and smooth watery luster.
The moment it touches your skin, it feels like a water balloon popping, and the scent of “Cypre Floral Aqua” with aqua notes makes you feel refreshed.

  • A fresh, bouncy texture that feels like a skincare application.
  • An even and smooth finish that accentuates the beauty of bare skin.
  • Contains common beauty ingredients* with the B.A skincare line.

*beauty ingredients: moisturizing ingredients

" Oasis Makeup Formula " uses the daytime skin environment to its advantage to create a hydrated and resilient glow.

" Airy Oasis " creates resilient skin and glow by using the atmosphere to its advantage:
  1. Fresh, resilient skin and glow that lasts is created by incorporating hydration from the atmosphere that surrounds the skin and encloses the moisture in a veil.
  2. It breaks down airborne toxins ( acetaldehyde ) with affect the skin.
" Light Powder " uses light to its advantage to create a glow.
  1. Sunlight contains long-wavelength UVA*3 rays which have an impact on skin. Light Powder absorbs these invisible long-wavelength UVA rays and transform them into visible light of various wavelengths, which are reflected back to create a sensation of having a glow from deep inside the skin.
  2. Red light, which has a positive effect on the skin, passes right through.







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