Pola Wrinkle Shot Special Gift Box 宝丽 抗皱精华限定礼盒


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Pola Wrinkle Shot Special Gift Box

A limited edition kit featuring products for wrinkle improvement, and lets you to try out Pola's top BA series‘s Lotion and Milk for resilient and firm skin.

・ Wrinkle Shot Serum N 20g
・ Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum 3g
・ BA Lotion 8mL
・ BA Milk 8mL

宝丽 抗皱精华限定礼盒



  • 袪皱精华霜 20g
  • 抗皱精华美容液 3g
  • BA 赋颜晨光化妆水 8mL
  • BA 抗衰防护乳液 8ml

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