Shiro Fragrance Body Milk White Lily 195g



-Ingredients natural natural raw materials, milk and fruit, oil and oil, natural fruit and vegetable refinement products, moisturizing base, effective and effective skin-relief, rejuvenating water, loosening skin-drying and rough-texturing.

-Addition of vegetable oil, formed water film, water content enough to envelop skin, further addition of botanical ingredients, skin-whitening for improved skin, improved darkening.

-White milky substance, easy to absorb water, absorbable immediately, after use, uncomfortable feeling, visceral, skin surface clean and refreshing.

-Soft and smooth skin skin, water-retaining thin film provided on skin skin, protective skin skin dryness.

-High-quality incense, natural and elegant, Mochi Kuruka, and enjoyable physical treatment.

-No artificial additives, very mild, use after use, skin damage, sensitive skin use.

-Yuri (white lily): Innocent Shiyuri Yuri, Kiyoshin Yoshitsune, 让调 Individual psychiatric transformation.


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