Shiseido MaquillAGE Dramatic Mist EX 60ml 日本MAQUILLAGE心机保湿持久定妆喷雾 60ml


Product Feature:

With a single blow, it gives a glossy feel and the foundation is in close contact. It doesn't collapse for a long time with a single blow after makeup. An emotional makeup mist that keeps the foundation in close contact with the mask while giving it moisture and luster, and prevents the color of the foundation from transferring to the mask. Makeup is hard to apply to the mask (The difficulty of applying is the result of checking with a non-woven mask. Our research. There are individual differences in the effect) 13-hour makeup lasting (gloss, no thinning / twisting of makeup, no shine) data Acquired (according to our research. Effects may vary from person to person)

How to Use:

  • When the two layers are mixed, it becomes cloudy and becomes transparent after a while.
  • To start using, press the dispenser several times until the contents are available.
  • Push the dispenser firmly to the end to spray.




  • 维持底妆,眼妆和腮红精致如初
  • 佩戴口罩也不易脱妆
  • 多种保湿成分加持,滋润养护肌肤


  • 使用前先进行充分摇晃,使定妆成分充分混合均匀,产品不再分层后可使用
  • 化妆完成后,闭上眼睛和嘴巴,在靠近脸部10-15cm处,按压喷雾3~4次
  • 每次按压喷雾时,从上往下按压可以使喷雾喷向的范围更广,定妆喷雾由上往下边移动边按压可以使喷雾均匀覆盖全脸



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