Sofina Beaute Wrinkle Sheet 12Set/(24Sheets) 苏菲娜 防皱滋润修护眼膜


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  • A special designed anti-wrinkle eye and lip mask for ultra support and firming results.
  • With its’ unique design, this mask can fully cover under eye and around lip areas in order to smooth out fine lines, improve eye bags and dryness around lips.
  • Contains intensive Ginger, Lemon, Horse Chestnut Essence and AL-Proline for ultra hydrating and firming results.
  • No fragrance or coloring to minimize the possibility of skin irritation.
  • For all skin types, especially for those who notice the first sign of aging around eye and lip areas. 
  • 12 sets (24 sheets) 



  • After cleansing and toning, place the mask on under eye or around lip areas.
  • Press it gently to adjust the position.
  • Peel off after 15 minutes.
  • No need to rinse off, follow up with a sunscreen or moisturizer.

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