SUQQU CLAY PURIFYING SCRUB 75g 日本Suqqu毛孔洁净炭磨凝胶 75g


Product Feature:

‘No’ to actual scrubbing and stripping away the skin, but ‘yes’ to moisture.

The silkiest of scrubs for the mature woman.

Taking gentleness on the skin into consideration, this gel-type scrub is fresh yet has just the right amount of thickness and a cushioned feel. Moroccan lava clay containing minerals (adsorption component) and charcoal (cleaning component) are double blended. Formulated with natural ingredients, it absorbs unnecessary sebum and pore dirt. For a feeling of cleanliness as if you were reborn. Formulated with a complex moisturizing ingredient "Moisture Shield Complex", it leaves a moist film after rinsing, leading to supple, plump and clean skin. Based on the fragrance of SUQQU skin care symbol "Sanseikan", it has a fresh and mature fragrance. The top has a refreshing citrus scent, the middle is a gorgeous floral, and the last is cedar and sandalwood, leaving a clean and warm finish.

How to Use:

In place of your usual cleanser. Place a muscat-sized dollop (about 3 gm) on your hand and spread it gently around the entire face in a circular motion. Avoiding the eye and mouth areas, and lightly massaging as you do so. Rinse with cold or warm water.




  • 凝胶质地 - 净澈肌肤,洁净效果令人惊艳。
  • 吸附污垢 - 含有摩洛哥产熔岩矿泥与日本原产竹炭成分,吸附多余肌肤油脂和毛孔污垢
  • 去除老废角质 - 大小不一的去角质磨砂颗粒,带走老旧角质和毛孔内的污垢
  • 保湿效果 - 洗净后液持续滋润





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