The Ginza

The Ginza Hybrid Gel Oil 100ml 日本the ginza御银座粉晶按摩精华液 100ml


Product Feature:

Oil but not oily. Spreads out like gel as if melting on the skin. It feels like this serum deftly senses the skin condition, makes the skin refreshed, full of vivacity, and smooth and radiant like being dressed in a silk robe.

  • Infused with nature-inspired oil ingredients, tenderly envelopes the skin and locks moisture.  [ Formulated with baobab oil, argan oil (emollient ingredient)].
  • Moisturizes and conditions dehydrated skin instantly.
  •  Skin feels better prepped for the following skincare products.
  •  Skin feels less puffy and appears brighter with a healthy glow, if apply with message along with lymphatic flow.
  •  Can also be applied as a luxuriously scented hand care.
  •  The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.

How to Use:

  1. Pump once into the palm of your hand and smooth over the entire facial line from the tip of the chin to the sides of the cheeks and to the forehead.
  2. Pinch the jawline with the joints of your thumbs and index fingers.( Massage three points along the jawline three times./ Glide along from the tip of the chin to under the ears using a lifting motion. Repeat three times.)
  3. Massage the cheeks with your hands using a lifting motion toward the temples. Repeat three times.
  4. Massage in a lifting motion from the temples to the forehead three times.
  5. Massage the forehead by working upwards three times. Stop at the hairline to complete the massage. Slowly release your hands.



如油般滋润呵护,如啫喱般清爽肤感。水润柔嫩地延展于指尖,打造如同丝绸般柔滑的美肌。啫喱油的护肤成分融入肌肤,舒适地包覆肌肤表面,锁住水润, 瞬间为干燥的肌肤带来水润。


  1. 取挤压一次的量于手心,均匀涂抹于下巴,两颊和额头。
  2. 用拇指和食指关节轻捏轮廓线。(对3个部位分3次进行按摩。/从下巴往耳际方向,向上按摩肌肤3次。)
  3. 从脸颊下方往太阳穴方向,向上按摩肌肤3次。
  4. 从太阳穴往额头方向,按摩肌肤3次。
  5. 从下往上按摩额头3次,最后推到发际线处,再慢慢松开手指。



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